One of the best things of being on a super relaxing vacation for me is that to be able to find time to truly sink in to each moment. Instead of growing taller, I feel like growing deeper. As if my feet are gripping the ground stronger while diving a bit more inside myself  as well as to each moment. It really feels like a huge block of meditative time where everything slows down, my breathing gets deeper and I get a sense of extreme calmness.

This morning for some reason I opened my eyes around 5:30am -after tossing around and trying to go back to sleep for like forty five minutes, I gave up and decided to get up and watch the sun rise. If you have not experienced it before, I STRONGLY recommend. There is something absolutely amazing to witness the nature to wake up, literally reborn. Not by just looking at the sky and seeing the gorgeous sun slowly waking the world but also hearing the sounds of every living organism. It is mind blowing.

What is really surprising is that when you realize how many different layers you can actually hear. As you start paying attention just by focusing the sounds outside your brain and set the intention to follow each of them individually. This morning was magical to me : First roosters started crowing ~ as they are the official broadcaster of the sun rise ~ followed by few dogs from a far. Sound of the horn bills, combined by few other summer insects complaining ~ screaming at my face that today will be a really really hot one. Then the weak sound of traffic ~ few cars who decided to hit the road pretty early competing with all the early birds out in the nature. Even the grass ~ as they try to grow few inches taller ~ you can hear them while carrying the tiny drops of water from the sprinklers the night before. The soft morning breeze started moving the leaves right and left. As they started dancing with one another, you can hear them touching each other. Bees decided to join the party, while clapping their ting wings to find the perfect one to land. Just like that it keeps adding more and more as world starts to awake.

It is an interesting experience not just to observe what nature has to offer but also how much we can truly hear when we pay attention. By being in the moment, and actually using our senses we can feel more & hear more. Cheers to more life…

Good morning world!

Ayca Xxx


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