Comparison is the act of violence against the self.”

Easier said than done these day I feel like. Thanks to Instagram – where all you see is the “best of the best” moments in everyone’s lives. Polished, somehow glamorous picks that gives you a glimpse of how cool their lives are. Only the best!

The reality is no one’s life is as perfect as their Instagram feed.

Our vulnerable selves never wanna share how much we struggle sometimes, how tough life can get or what it takes to find yourself in the darkness. Some parts of our journeys are not easy to document so we only focus on the amazing moments, which looks better in pictures. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong to share the things we enjoy or makes us happy – who wants to look at miserable photos anyway.

However what ends up happening is the more we look at all the amazing things other people are doing – either you know them or not – it pokes something in one’s ego that can turn into a dark hole and sucks you in its darkness – it is comparison. Where ego starts comparing itself with everything else it sees out there. Things eyes take in most likely couldn’t find the time to get processed and digested. Instead ego’s fast react time comes into play and zillions of questions start arising about yourself, you life, relationships, job, how you look… you name it. It takes you into that vicious circle, the more you start comparing the more dark spots you find within yourself. Maybe jealousy. Some sort of hatred. Which is nothing more than a poison to self.

Few days ago, amongst few friends, where we have been talking about traveling, one guy jokingly said ” I hope they are having the worst time of their life.” and laughed while talking about his friends vacation destination. I froze for a while thinking about what he just said… oh wow, when did we become so cruel to each other? and why we can not be happy about some else making their dreams come true? or when they accomplish nice things in their life, why can we not simply be happy for them? Blame it on Instagram or not, I think it might be the time to actually stop for a second.

Time to re-calibrate and connect with inner self to find LOVE within self. Love our own journey, our own stories mainly loving ourselves. So that no matter what we see, who we look at, we can see them through the lens of love. Just by finding who we truly are deep inside, accepting our vulnerabilities and focusing on our own dreams. Most importantly focusing on “making our dreams come true.” vs comparing them to someone else’s tiny piece of reality.

As I was writing this, Spotify picked up the song “Lets fall in love” 🙂 So why don’t we? But first with ourselves.

One of the books I have recently read and recommend every friend of mine to called “Return to Love” – get your copy. It is a must read!

And remember what nature always tells us : “A flower doesn’t think of competing to the flower next to it. it just blooms.”

Happy Saturday:)

Ayca Xxx

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