Imagine a beach on the cliff… There are few beach chairs that sits on a rock. The view can not get any better. You move your head up, you’re facing the cliff with puffy clouds hanging on top. You stare at water, all you see the crazy waves jumping in and out of joy while … More PRAIANO…


Don’t you think? There is something magical about it.. Being close to it or being within it makes you feel extremely free. Mostly therapeutic, while it is pure and calming on one side, it’s tough and serious on the other side. There is a common saying in Turkish,  “you can not mess with water” since … More WATER IS MAGIC


Time has come, after ten years of hard work and changing my life few times, I’m officially off to my first ever sabbatical 🙂 Can not explain how excited it makes me feel.In the next five weeks, I will have an extended ME TIME:) No emails, no meetings, no rush. Instead it will be about … More SABBATICAL VIBES


In my early twenties I had the desire of duplicating myself, since I was literally trying to be everywhere. Especially in summer, since days were longer {so does the nights to me}, I wanted to see every single band visiting the city and party all night long but at the same time wanted to enjoy the sun … More NOW.HERE


Living abroad is a roller coaster. It truly is. Each emotion comes and goes in waves.In some unexpected ways and times, and most of the time you just don’t know how hard the waves are gonna hit you. Bear in mind that it has nothing to do with being happy or unhappy about your life, yourself … More ART OF OBSERVING