Imagine an emotionless era where you have been diagnosed by regaining your feelings caused by a bug. Depending on how much you feel, your disease stage been defined. That’s EQUALS, new movie starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult. The more you feel, the more serious your disease gets, which requires an intense level of cure, meaning wiping off your emotions. Why? To be in the peak of your efficiency and have extreme focus.

That movie get me started thinking after seeing it…Is this where we are heading? slowly but surely? Trying to be strong, look strong and not get effected whats around us, is that the only way to stay focused and efficient? Are the emotions barrier to success or distraction for our focus? The less distraction we get, can we really be more efficient?

I have been asking similar questions to myself recently, which has been triggered after a candid conversation that I had a while back. I asked “….how do you feel about….?” and been answered “…..have no idea because I don’t think about it.I am so busy & I have no time to think….” Long silence…..~ like the time stops in movies and you hear a deep silence in the screen~ Got frozen for a while maybe, I just can’t recall it.

Since when we as human beings decided to think about our feelings? They are not here to think, as simple as it is, they are here to FEEL! You don’t think, you just close your eyes for a few seconds and listen to it. But our crazy fast lives, insane hustles, meetings over meetings, long ass to do lists ~ mainly all the distractions that we collect ~ is preventing us to pay attention to what is really important in life. To be connected to ourselves via our emotions and gutt feelings. We started seeing our emotions as a sign of weakness vs being human. We are so programmed to look strong and get as much done as possible, in the fastest way we can, we started believing that we can actually survive without hearing how we feel or truly connecting with each other.{and I am not talking about connecting behind the screens via text messages. I mean REAL connections, to be able to talk to someone by looking the eye or feel them just by observing their body language, not tying to read emojis} As utopic as “equals” might seem, I am afraid we are slowly but surely getting closer to that emotionless era.

We might be afraid of our feelings or wanting to run away from the pain.Trying to hide it in the darkness so that we can keep our cool.Just because we all started thinking that we are designed to be successful and powerful and in business world, emotions seem as a sign of weakness. Knowing how much time we spend at work vs outside work, the behavior of keeping our cool started effecting our personal lives, friendships, relationships with our families and loved ones.We started running away from conversations, sharing how we feel, crying over a friends shoulder, accepting and saying sorry when we messed up.Showing our weaknesses to each other, being intimate and truly be able to open up. Believe it or not, It’s still amazing to be able to cry ~don’t get so proud if you have not cried for a while or if you don’t even remember when was the last time you cried.

One way or another, it’s good to feel alive. Either by having the extreme joy traveling within your veins or feeling the scratches of the broken pieces of your heart and the pain that comes with it.

Whether it is Stage 1 or Stage 4, it’s okay to have that bug in you that causes that fantastic disease called FEELINGS and be able to open up ur hearts – whatever form or shape you chose to.


Ayca Xxxx

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