If you know me, you know that I am an obsessed clean eater, not because I’m on a diet but I adopt a healthy life style.

Growing up in a mediterranean kitchen with an amazing mom and almost a pro chef grand-ma, all I have eaten was home prepped whole foods which were mostly fresh picks from the local farmers market. Mom’s meals consist of lost of veggies cooked with olive oil, fresh salads or grilled protein – mostly white fish or chicken. Sweets were mainly fruits where I ate tons of them, sometimes hand picked by me from the tree. I loved climbing to an apple tree to pick my own. My mom was making few home made treats when she had her guests and serving them with healthy salads with some grains and mini organic cookies for their tea time.Summer time excitement for me was ice cream, which is still my favorite to that day:) just the dark chocolate flavor though. Not to ignore the fact that, the heavy influence of Ottoman cuisine with super rich and delicious deserts was still around me but other than one bite every other blue moon, I was not super addicted to that. Thank God!

When that’s how you feed your body in your entire life, you are basically programmed to consume healthy food.

Now the funny thing is, the healthier you eat, you are not attracted to certain things that are the major treats for most of the population. Like I don’t crave cookies, cakes, soda or anything super duper sweet. Same applies for alcohol, where I almost don’t drink – or max one or two glasses of wine in a week. And my body doesn’t ask for them at all. It all goes back to sugar. Over the years since I moved to US what I have been observing is the insane “addiction” to sugar. Quite honestly, knowing the damage that processed sugar is giving to our bodies -not only gaining weight but all the digestion and heart problems – to me, it is no different than to tobacco or drug. Which also blows my mind, I feel like no one sees that side. Or talks about it. We all talk about being healthy by going to gyms, classes where in NYC you almost pay close to forty dollars for a forty five minute sweat followed by a ten dollar green juice but on the other side keep dumping sugar to our bodies an call it a healthy living? Does feel a bit contradicting to me.

On that note, I recently watched the documentary on Netflix called “Sugar Coded” and it all validated all my questions and everything I have been asking to myself with legit data and researches over the decades. You MUST watch it! See with your own eyes what it means “to have moderation in your diet” 🙂

Everything I have been reading & watching around healthy eating and my personal experience with American diet, I chose to have mediterranean diet for myself, which because of all the things that I don’t eat which belongs to american way of eating, getting a little side eye sometimes:) and every time it gives me a smile when I hear people telling me “come on, live your life a little” 🙂 because of the way I eat – I’m kinda considered as boring. Hahaha. Chances are while they are giving me hard time while joking, chances are I am most likely judging them. Have to admit! Yeah all those cupcakes are for me kinda of poison to my body, like a drug so just sayin’…

Well now let me go and make some dinner.Wanna know what?

Farro with spicy shrimp and feta cheese with huge green salad next to it. Summer saturdays we all deserve a glass of cold iced rose. so cheers to that;) And most likely my desert will be dark chocolate, min 70% though

Happy saturday:)

Ayca Xxxx



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