“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.”

I had a weird dream about a friend last night, friend from home, where we talk time to time and see each other maybe once a year sometimes not even, but we can pick up the conversations where we left of even if its been years. I think with some people there is a strange connection, either you were closer in previous lives or connected in the parallel universe. Not sure how but after a long time, we met in my dream. Interesting as most of my dreams are, I was picturing myself in my apartment in New York where my friend was inviting me to this crazy “Back to the Future” car where it was parked in the middle of a desert. Had no idea what it meant but immediately wrote it down to my little notebook right by my bed : which I will explain that later, my Morning Pages : and few hours later got a text message.

As we started to chatting, I also was searching for the meaning of my dream. Et Voila!… We both were amazed that it’s so strange but at the same time so fascinating that you can be connected to someone’s life via dreams? Mind blowing.

– You are in need of insane freedom but at the same time feeling lonely while questioning your decisions – thats what it means being in a “desert” if you dreamt about it. The reality is, freedom comes with the potential of loneliness a little. If you are making drastic changes in life, like leaving everything behind you, chances are you will live in a roller coster. One day you will feel excited as hell ,and the other day feeling like a loneliest person on the entire planet. In those down times, you will most likely question your decisions and have self doubt. But when you are high, you will feel free as a bird. It really comes to how you manage those ups and downs. One thing not to forget is to stay connected to your inner self at all times. If you start looking around you and waiting to get validation from others, you will not gonna be happy 🙂 most likely you will see every reason to make you regret your decision – I feel like that is the game universe likes to play to test us:) But when you are connected with yourself then you will be surprised how the entire world will respond and send you little confirmation notes that you will enjoy seeing around you. Just stay connected with your gutt and collect the clues, sometimes you will step into it!

Just have an open mind to watch them coming your way.

Ayca Xxxx

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