“Behind every favorite song, there is an untold story.”

Picture this:

Five hours past midnight. There is no sleep but music. A new piece of art in the making. It’s the birth of a song. Straight out of the heart of an artist. Words may or may not be close to final but very first time for an audience of one. Raw, unedited, pure emotions. No sound check, no band, no vocals in the back. Just the naked voice of the artist. It’s summer time. Unplugged concert for one, in the middle of the sea, before the sun rise. Emotional high. Darkness and the silence of the night interrupted by the magical notes of the song. Bummer that you don’t know the lyrics, so bad. But still the melody takes you from one magical moment to another breath taking one. Only if you could be there.

Sun is almost up, its closer to six am. What is better than taking the boat to welcome the sun rise in the middle of the sea… Fifteen minute ride to the sun as if you can get any closer to it. Time to wake up before going to sleep so better jump into that water. SPLASH!! Water is cold in the morning but refreshing before the rest of the day gets hot as hell. As you jump in, sun is higher, waking you up and making you warm. Still have the melody of the song in your head, but no lyrics. Damn! Can you sing again?

Almost seven am, time to go to sleep. And the new song is born! It’ll grow and change. Who knows how long it will take before it is out there for the rest of the world?

Flash forward – many years later – all of a sudden, unexpectedly… That song comes up. The one you have witnessed its birth – has grown a lot, changed quite a few words but…. When it’s on, it takes you back to that very specific moment, right back in to that picture as if it was yesterday. With every single detail of the moment, conversations, environment, emotions… As it can take you from one place to another, a song can transfer you back in to that time, like time travel!

Only if you know the full story, the untold – never will be told – one!

Ayca Xxxx





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