They say things happen when we are READY….ready to welcome the new, ready to make a change, you name it. I just wonder, the contribution of “DOING” in the process of getting ready.Does it expedite the outcome? or maybe change the outcome? or simply things happen just because they are meant to be? and they happen when they supposed to be? And the biggest question, how do we get ready for whatever our hearts desire? Is it the “doing” or “being” that makes us ready?

While all those questions were popping in my mind, I turned the page in the book I was reading, here it was.. “It is good to have an end to journey toward, but, it is the journey that matters, in the end.” Ursula K. LeGuin

We mostly define success by the outcome. But we all know that growth, happens while we are in the journey. All the ups and downs, trials and errors, learnings that comes with it makes us grow, see things differently & eventually change. The journey is where we get READY. If so, then how much the destination really matters? Not to devalue on having a goal in mind or a desire at heart, the thing is, sometimes we focus on the outcome too much that we completely miss enjoying the journey. BEING aware of what we are going through, feeling all the waves that comes with it. No matter how high it takes you up or how hard it lets you fall. Some days you have to jump back on that wave and DO it all over again, some days you just need to BE there and float in that moment for a bit. Thats how we get READY… the intersection of BEing & DOing. One can not go without the other.

Finding the perfect balance of those two is the art that, one wants to master. Cause there is no clear timeline for readiness. Some take more time than the others. Loosing patience or faith are the side effects in this journey but neither one helps to expedite the outcome, of being ready so work needs to be done!

Now take a deep breath and let yourself to enjoy the journey.

Note to self : “Just trust the process.”


2 thoughts on “THE INTERSECTION…

  1. Yes, trusting the process is something that’s hard to do, but also something that we should do. You writing every day might seem insignificant, but if you trust the process, you’ll one day end up with a significant body of work. That doesn’t mean that you should not care about things, it just means that you should do your best and let the rest fall where they may. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing!


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