Distance is….much needed sometimes.

To take a little bit of step back and watch. Just to observe.

Taking a deeper look on what is happening out there, to hear what is passing inside your brain, to connect with the inner voice and actually hear what you really want. Sometimes you don’t realize that all you need is just a little bit of distance. That’s it!

Going back home -or maybe coming home- always gives me that opportunity. By kinda encouraging me to step away from my daily routine – my favorites, my happy as well as tough and rocky parts of my daily life. Gives me the perspective of the life I have created. And helps me to scan what is inside that creation, places, people, things etc etc. Also helps to validate my decisions. By showing me what I miss when I am away plus the things I need to tweak, change dramatically or just throw away. It’s an amazing reality check on all ends.

Coming home is also a great reminder of who I was before & who I become. Interestingly enough it helps me to hear more {even though I’m running around non-stop } I swear I can hear my heart beat just at that second:) Seriously! So crazy that it makes me feel extremely close to myself. I can hear and feel more. Sometimes within my brain, sometimes via others. I get surprised when a long lasting question of mine finds an answer through my friends’ life , through their stories. Coming home sometimes turns out to be collecting the missing pieces of the puzzle back home.

It’s been only few days and excited to see and collect what is out there for me. Definitely found one more clue this afternoon, it says : “Eat More Ice-Cream” 🙂 DEAL!!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 4.45.51 PM

Ayca Xxxx


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