In my early twenties I had the desire of duplicating myself, since I was literally trying to be everywhere. Especially in summer, since days were longer {so does the nights to me}, I wanted to see every single band visiting the city and party all night long but at the same time wanted to enjoy the sun … More NOW.HERE


“When u want to express interest in something but don’t wanna fully commit” Brought to my life by New York:) Didn’t have much of an idea of the phrase as well as the behavior before, at least in that scale. I had some “maybes” before but “not no” was kinda new. Quite honestly it bugged me … More NOT NO?


“New York is always a good idea” That was the first message that popped up in my screen when I was trying to make my decision about moving to the city. As crazy as it sounds I swear the process of me collecting the signs from the universe, the moment I opened my heart to … More NEW YORK…


Love Love Love Flea Markets. Really enjoy going through all the random stuff that vendors sell as well as finding some hidden gems within them. The energy, colors and the vibe of the market really sparks creativity and joy. So much fun especially when the weather is right for it. Not too hot and too … More ALL THE FLEA MARKETS