If you know me a little, you most probably are aware that I’m a little crazy about reading. Always on the #nevernotreading zone.

Strongly believe that it’s the gene that I inherited from my grandpa {which you might have read about him in one of my recent posts “where peonies reminds you memories”} plus my curious mind. I get extremely excited when I get a new book, the joy of opening that Amazon Prime box {thank God to that next day delivery}, touching the cover and smelling the pages before reading it. Yeah I have some weird rituals of welcoming a new book to my world.Before opening that door and diving into the writers world. Mostly this is where I lose myself – feeling like sitting in a front row seat of someone’s dream – until I close the book and get back to the real world. From one world to another…

Here is the downside though – I don’t know when to stop, which may not be a bad thing but it sometimes feels like a burn out. More like all the books getting mashed up in my brain and sometimes I can’t quite figure out what I did read in which book:) LOL. Story of my life. Makes me feel like an overloaded operating system, basically slows down while trying to figure out where to pull the relevant data from. That spinning wheel is turning inside my brain in those moments. That’s when I know that I need a break – to actually digest all the information, refresh and get back at it. While I was thinking about that break the other day,  I read something about the overdose of reading:) {Don’t make fun of me, I know the irony sounds funny}

Here is my new experiment : “Reading Deprivation” ,think about it as detoxing yourself from reading materials, at least for one week – which is perfect timing to test while visiting home to have some family time – hopefully will not be that much challenging. Basically no books, no newspaper, no articles, no blogs, [no emails it says but that too stretch so I will skip that last one.] The reasoning behind that exercise is to remove the blocks in your creativity. One of the multiple techniques. Which has been resonated with me so much since that #nevernotreading mode feels like putting some barriers on my journals. Over the last few weeks, all I was reading is nothing but that exercise book “The Artist Way“, gift from my BFF Traco – yeah she knows me really well, and I felt the change in the cadence of my writings. Because now instead of reading, I’m writing. The more I keep myself away from other stories I realize that I am connecting to my own words and getting closer to my inner voice vs hearing just hearing others. I’m kinda taking one more step and going a bit further. Decided to not check my social media in the mornings, so that I won’t get influenced with other creative worlds in the form of photography and sentences. That gives my brain and my soul the much needed time to see the world from my own eyes vs trying to see somebody else’s perspective.

Yeah for the first time I’m excited to be reading deprived – since I was always feeling guilty about not reading enough – and actually spend more time with my inner voice and taking it from inside and converting them into words here.

Because I write about it here, it’s now a promise to myself! I should better stick to it:)

Ayca Xxxx

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