No excuses here. Period.

I hate spending a day without working out. Yeah I have to accept when it comes to exercising my motivation is pretty high. Sometimes it is a curse though since I am not good a giving my body a break to recover truly. But by combining high and low impact days at least I’m trying to have a better balance.

My addiction gave me so much injuries over the last three -four years, from hips to knees as well as rotator cuff injury. But at the same time it was a great learning. Finally learned how to listen what my body is saying and not pushing it when I feel something uncomfortable. That part “listening to your body” and never ignore the signs is the most important one. Those mini red flags are actually your emergency breaks for protecting you from bigger problems if you know how to listen.Trust me that was not easy for me to do.

Now my workout routine includes good amount of cardio which is mainly spinning (adding some running to it too). Also slowly getting back to strength training. during my shoulder injury I had to stop that and felt like I did end up getting weaker so trying to build that strength back in. And  finally yoga – at least once a week since it helps me tons with all tight IT band problems.

If you are on the other side and don’t know how to motivate yourself, the  just start with baby steps. Maybe its walking to work to start with. Before hitting an intense workout or trying to motivate you to go out for a 5 mile run, I would flip the coin and make your day more active while incorporating fun mini workouts where your brain won’t necessarily consider it  as working out. Trust me the more active you get, your body will ask more;)

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