New kids on the block:) Soho has the fanciest bagel spot now : Sadelle’s. This cutest vintage looking bakery has extremely yummy hand-rolled bagels where you can order it with the fanciest salmon plate. It is served in 3 floor pastry plates where each plate is divided by salmon, domates.cucumber.onions, cream cheese plates. Bagels arrive fresh out of owen so super warm. Even though each bagel is like 2$ this fancy service costs around 15$.

Wanna skip the bagel and have lunch?         I have tried the Greek Salad, best chopped salad I have had for a while. Super fresh and delicious.

If you don’t make a reservation prior and show up actually at brunch time, wait is at least an hour. Amd no joke it is seriously an hour!!! Don’t wanna wait? Then you pick your take away bagel sandwich &go.

It will definitely be a pricy experience to eat bagels but hey looks like it’s a scene to be. I did show up post workout with my sweatpants andno make up, maybe thats why the wait was an hour😂 Rest of the crowd was definitely all dressed up with blow dried hair and Chanel bags. But hey as I said that is an experience. You should see it with your own eyes;)

Bon apetito!

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