Coffee Catch Up’s have a different meaning for me. It’s kinda a therapy session and here is why:

Born and raised in Turkey, the coffee became a huge part of my daily routine. It is what u have after a long amazing family brunch on sundays or at the end of an amazing meal to digest. It was and is never a “first thing in the morning” type of thing for me. Yes it’s a ritual that I relate with pleasure. When you are having amazing meal with your friend, thats the moment that you enjoy the most with all the chat and amazing food.

It is also a little bit of therapy moment just because in our culture those “coffee catch ups” replace therapists. You get together with your friends, have you coffee and venting session and at the end you turn your turkish coffee cup upside down till it gets cold and this is where your friend supposedly reads your “fortune”.

Yes it sounds crazy and not that it is real fortune telling just because she knows everything about you so what is she gonna say😂but it is that moment where you hear good things, your friend tells you nice things and you keep hoping for the best. It’s some kinds of positivity boosting:)

Because of that code in my mind, coffee catch ups are always special to me. If there is no turkish coffee then it is a macchiato thats gives me that feelings.

Does not matter where I am in the world. As we say: “A cup of (turkish) coffee will be remembered 40 years.”

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