Thoughts, scrambled eggs and avocado.

I like taking my time on weekends.   Waking up whenever my body wants, slowly moving into the morning, getting after my workout, catching up with family and friends and have an amazing brunch.

Some weekends I got a little too excited and end up having “too many” plans and this literally makes my brain feels like scrambled eggs. Moving from one thing to another gives me the high of getting most of the weekend but on the other side making me lose my balance a little. Just because I miss not having enough of “me time” 🙂

I love having “me time” to clear my head, to balance myself, to listen and actually hear my inner voice, to feel like rested, nourished and energized. 

So when I got a packed weekend, then sunday night meditation is my life saver. And today is one of those nights… 

Even if it is five minutes, sit back, relax, close your eyes and be in the moment. Don’t try to stop or control any thoughts, watch the traffic in your head, just observe… Namaste!

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