Jetlag is fun when it makes you wake up earlier than usual which gives you the chance the get your workout out of the way early in the day. And this morning bright sun called me out, decided to go for a run which is also my morning meditation in some form of shape. 

Not sure why this am the view made me think: how can you call two different places as “home”?

For a split second I thought that I was at home (kinda dejavu since I was back to Turkey, Bodrum for my family vacation) where blue is deep and bright, parked boats in the horizon where it makes you wanna jump to water first instead of washing your face:)

Then I realized that I’m already at home in NYC. But how come you can define two different places as “home”? 

Is that the physical place that makes you feel like home? Or the feeling of having family and friends? What happens when you start building your life in a different place? How many “homes” you can have? Etc etc

Those are the questions I have been asking to myself over the last four years. 

Do I have an answer? NO!

Do I need an answer? I don’t know!

I guess it is the life of an expat who decides to explore different worlds and different homes. What is in th next episode for me? I guess, will see…

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