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I was asking myself the question recently, how come I can remember almost every single detail of my family vacation but can not remember what I did eat last night. And answer found me in this Netflix documentary called “Brain Games”

Obviously not surprised after all those long scientific explanations of the neuroscientist professor concludes it as “paying attention” by being in the moment. Simplified version on how brain operates kinda surprised me because I was kinda a little proud of myself by being a multitasker. But guess what it looks like there is no such a thing! Shocking right?

The reason why to that is basically your brain can truly pay attention on ONE thing. To be able to do another thing, it basically switches from one to another. So when you are thinking that you can answer your emails while having your dinner – which you technically can- it ends up that you don’t remember what you eat last night:) Tragic!!!!!

That documentary did not only shared some test done by “the multitaskers” but also put you on basic tests while you are watching it and proves you nit only by showing someone else but also yourself that you can only focus on one thing if you want to remember everything about it.

So with that I also gave myself a basic test about some moments from that summer where I was purely in that moment with my loved ones with no cell phones or nothing that I still remember from what I was wearing to the conversations and more importantly how I was feeling at that very specific moment. And with that realization I challenge myself to pay more attention, do one thing at a time, feel every moment, meditate more -which helps to pay more attention- and try not to follow my emails when I’m in a meeting:) the last one will be hardest one but hey we all should push our limits.

Started my day with that intention and had an amazing early bird yoga at the rooftop right by the pool which made me focus just on the blue sky vs the traffic horns coming outside. NAMASTE:)

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