I LOVE travelling but delays not that much!

Waking up 4am in the morning for an early flight is exciting when you know that you arrive home early. The expected not fun surprise part this am was when we are about to take off hearing the engines shutting down. All of a sudden 3hour delay! Not fun and extremely annoying but hey safety first:)

So I was stuck with this PDX carpet 🙂 which was pretty shocking to me when I first moved here. “Why an airport has carpet?” was my first question. Then I see that there is something called “PDX carpet” where people post and talk about it.  I guess it has a lot do to with “keeping Portland weird”😂
Anyways I refused to post it for so long but today I gave up. When you ended up looking at that carpet while you wait your plane to get ready, thats what just happened. After scanning all my emails, social channels, snapping to friends, taking meetings on my phone… Still waiting and I had to wrie about it!

Now all I wanna do is to fly home! Arrivederci PDX carpet. Until next time…

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