Bodrum… My family vacation destination.

This small town of the westside of Turkey looks exactly like this. All white houses with blue window frames that is covered by its signature hot pink flowers. Super small streets covered by flowers and local stores in every corner. Boats parked in the sea where you can see all different sizes and shapes that varies from hundred thousand dollars to hundred millions. Despite the crazy attraction of tourists, local tourist play a big role where we chose to come here not only for the amazing sea but also for its super fresh local sea food. 

Bodrum has lots of hidden pockets where different types of people can find the right fit for themselves. While some look for peace in a super small town like Gumusluk where others can have the fancy nights by stepping out of their million dolar yatch to the local Monaco of Bodrum.

For me Bodrum is home, love and peace. I came here to relax, walk barefoot, swim, eat clean, walk into local stores and restaurants and have long breakfasts, dinners and conversations with my family and friends.

You gotta smell this city!

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