Best afternoon snack ever!

This artichoke is my favorite one. Whenever I travel back home, that is on my first day menu -everytime. I crave for it:)

And my mom’s recipe is the most amazing one. With a little bit of magical touch from my mom:

After cleaning the leaves of artichoke, cook the palm of it like 20-30mins with olive oil, salt, lemon juice and a little bit of water.

At the same time, in another pan, saute onions with garlic. After it get a little pink add cubed carrots, peas and potatoes (can be sweet potatoes as well) and sautee them for like 15mins. Before its done add a little bit of diil on top.

On top of the cooked artichoke palms, add the veggiee sautee and squeeze a bit of lemon if needed before it hits ur belly!

Et voila!!!

Be careful u may bite ur fingers:D –hahaha tried to translate a super turkish way of explaining an incredibly delicious meal– do not judge please:)

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