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They say that “There is nothing that salty water can not cure, sea, sweat, tears:)”

So true especially “sea” portion. It calms you down, the sound of the waves while sailing is the best meditation. Perfect for the skin, it makes it smoother, healthier. And when you let sea carry you, when you actually let go of resisting to the water and let it float you, the feeling is interesting. Starts with a little bit of fear, your ears are under the water, you can’t hear outside bit actually hear your heart beat louder than ever. You start hearing your thoughts, your breathing and its kinda loud. Freaks you out at the beginning but the moment you realize that you can actually let yourself float, it all disappears. Turns into this amazing meditating feeling. You forget how long you stayed there, stay in between cold water and hot sun. Breath in… Breath out… Just like that!

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